Senior Revenue Assurance Analyst job at TiGO

Position: Senior Revenue Assurance Analyst

Organization:  TiGO

“We are committed to equal employment opportunities and unbiased treatment of all individuals in all employment practices” Only Successful Candidates will be contacted


  • Responsible for identifying and tracking MFS leakages and establish the value added to the business as a result of prevention.
  • Perform verifications for all MFS transactions being disputed by customer, agents and business partners for refunds
  • Responsible for all system accounts reconciliation on opening, movement and closing balances as per established reconciliation KPIs
  • Put in place alarms on the MFS transaction for tracking and monitoring illegal activities and ensure proper actions are taken to correct and prevent future fraud from happening.
  • Perform end to end review of MFS business to identify risk areas and were applicable new controls to be introduced.
  • Undertake product assurance for all MFS products and conduct margin analysis of all products to establish profitability over time
  • Execution of all internal controls provided for MFS business on RA domain on time and accurate and ensure all issues are resolved on time.
  • Provide and assure correctness of revenue reports and associated direct and indirect costs on approved intervals
  • Preparation of all MFS RA reports required by management and supervisor


  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in any of the IT fields or computer engineering
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience in related field
  • Experience in database management in Oracle/SQL
  • Work experience in analytics and auditing is an added advantage



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