About Us

Are you struggling with all the stress of:
  • Composing or Writing a good and neat CV?
  • How to write appealing COVER LETTER that can impress hiring Bosses and put you on map of the intense competition in job market?
  • Are you looking for career opportunities?!

Well, AJIRAMAX is the solution to all that.

AJIRAMAX, gives you an insight and exposure on how best to draft CV & COVER LETTER. Not only that but also provides tips on how to tackle JOB INTERVIEWS.

By using some sophisticated AI technologies AJIRAMAX is happy to bring latest job opportunities to ALL JOB SEEKERS by providing instant alerts to you every day through TELEGRAM.

Our Mission

To pave career way to qualified job seeker by providing required education and opportunities and making it easier to Access, Apply and Earn (A.A.E) their Dream Jobs.

Our Vision  

Technologies and advanced tools must help Job seekers in across the globe.


Consider. Shape. Influance. Shine. Inspire.

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